If you are moving from overseas, interstate, a regional area or from your family home you will have new and ongoing living costs to plan for.

Below are estimated costs for a single student living in shared accommodation and may vary according to your circumstances and lifestyle. To help ensure you have enough money to cover your expenses we recommend that create and maintain a budget.

Home set up costs

Set up costs are the expenses associated with moving to a new city and/or new accommodation.

Single student living in shared accommodation.


One month’s rent in advance

$600-$1,000 City/Brunswick

$430-$600 Bundoora

Advance rent as a lump sum payment is common.

Rental bond (refundable)

$600-$1,000 City/Brunswick

$430- $600 Bundoora

Rental bond is usually one calendar month’s rent and is therefore more than 4 weeks’ calculation.

Utilities/phone – connection


This will vary depending on the provider.

Furniture and household items


This cost range assumes that whitegoods (e.g. refrigerator, washing machine etc.) are included. Check with your landlord or renting agent if whitegoods are included, if not you will need to purchase these items.

Living costs

Living costs are the average weekly cost of basic necessities such as rent, utility charges, phone, food, transport etc.

Single student living in shared accommodation per week



$150-$250 City/Brunswick

$120-$200 Bundoora

The campus you attend and the type of accommodation you are living in will affect the price.

Electricity, gas and water


Different utility providers charge different rates.

Phone (fixed line)

$10-$15 (fixed only)

Mobile phone bills will vary depending on the plan you have.


$0 – pre-paid arrangement or plan

The internet may be included in your accommodation costs or it may be part of your mobile phone plan.



Reduce your food bill by shopping at discount supermarkets and local markets. The Live in Victoria website has a handy list of the cost of groceries.

Transport costs


$100 for car

The car costs include registration, insurance, fuel, parking and maintenance.

Public transport

Approximately $37.60 per week ($3.76 per trip)

This rate is based on a full fare Myki two hour trip, concession fares are available to eligible students. Depending on your public transport usage, you may find the iUse Pass more economical.



These expenses are highly variable and depend on the choice and frequency of entertainment or hobby.

* Accommodation costs based on advertised share housing available in 2015.

Money advice

Use RMIT Connect

Budget calculator

Free spreadsheet (xls)