Official web platform instruction

Instruction statement

This instruction promotes the use of official web platforms that are fully supported by ITS and WSIP, rather than the adoption and purchase of alternate platforms. It helps to drive efficient use of RMIT technology and enables content sharing across common platforms. This instruction should be used whenever a new website is being proposed, or an existing website being redeveloped.


This instruction does not apply to:

  • courseware, including scholarly work, student work and teaching and learning materials
  • websites that have no relationship to RMIT (for example, personal or private sites).
  • Google sites

Instruction steps and actions

Official RMIT websites are those that are RMIT-branded and present key content to our internal and external audiences. These include websites categorised as Main, Connected and Related. All official websites must be approved via the New Websites Policy and be hosted on an official web platform. The first option should always be one of our primary platforms.

Official web platforms are supported by ITS and Digital and Customer Experience Strategy. Services provided include:

  • Technical support
  • Server maintenance
  • System maintenance
  • Disaster recovery and backup
  • CMS training
  • Content and design guidance

Official platforms

Any use of platforms not listed below must be approved through the New Websites Proposal process.

Standard websites

Our primary web platforms are:

  • TeraText
  • TerminalFour

Our secondary web platforms are:

  • NetCommunity (Alumni website only)
  • UniOne (RMIT Link websites only)
  • Drupal (Vietnam website and EduTAG only) *
  • WordPress (Blog platform only) *
  • CMS for RMIT Training websites only *

* Whilst several secondary platforms are currently in use, they all should migrate over time toward the primary platforms. An exception to this relates to platforms adopted for their CRM capabilities.

Web applications

Our official web platforms for web applications are:

  • ITS web applications – list TBA
  • Library web applications – list TBA

Mobile applications

Our official mobile platforms are:

  • Dependent on individual New Website Proposals. Refer to the New Websites Policy and Mobile Channel Policy.

Unofficial platforms

Websites hosted on unofficial platforms are not considered part of the official RMIT web presence and may be subject to the Deleting Websites Procedure.

Unofficial web platforms include:

  • Google Sites (For use in collaborative projects only, not as official websites or as an alternative to the Staff website)
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