Dr Patricia Adams



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Work Unit

School of Health and Biomedical Sciences

Contact Details

+61 3 9925 7376



Building: 201
Level: 06
Room: 004

City campus


Science, Engineering and Health


Key activities

Art/science: Scientific collaborative projects and experimental transdisciplinary interactive artworks

Personal website: trishadams.tv


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, by appointment: City Campus


Trish is currently developing several art/science collaborations in relation to cellular organisms and media technologies. She is also a visiting artist at the Visual & Sensory Neuroscience Group, Queensland Brain Institute, The University of Queensland, Brisbane. Trish has worked at the art/science nexus for a number of years and her doctoral research project involved a cross-disciplinary collaboration with a biomedical scientist during which she explored the impact of experimental techniques in biomedical engineering on expressions of corporeality. Here, Trish personalised her engagement with the scientific data, and was arguably the first artists to take the unscreened source material for her experiments from her own body in the form of adult stem cells from her blood. During her research Trish poses questions about what it means to be human in the twenty-first century, and the ways in which our understanding of ourselves will be changed by contemporary biotechnical developments. Her ongoing interest in corporeality and constructs of the “self” has recently led her to explore virtual and real-time “presence” in the ‘mellifera’ project.