Library vision and purpose

Our vision

We will

  • be dynamic and innovative in the co-creation of knowledge,
  • lead where required, partner as needed and collaborate with all those who seek to build academic success for our students and impact for our researchers,
  • think globally and act bravely in our delivery of quality information, learning and research services,
  • put our students and staff at the centre of everything we do.

Our core purpose and service principles

We shape the education and research experience, transforming how students and staff discover, access, use and create knowledge.

  • We will help the University delivery its goals.
  • We will be easy to use.
  • We will put the scholar at the centre.
  • We will take the Library to our users.
  • We will be a nexus for integration, learning and collaboration.
  • We will offer global experience.
  • Our solutions will be sustainable, scalable and replicable.
  • Our services and collections will be institutionally and culturally fit for purpose.
  • We will invest in our people. They are the key to our success.

Library's vision and purpose infographic