Applying design modules

This is technical training intended for RMIT web editors (publishers).

Important: Only staff who have been identified as Web Editors or Web Managers and have the relevant accountabilities included in their position descriptions are eligible to attend this training. Please contact to register your interest.

This training session is designed to give RMIT web editors the skills and knowledge to effectively apply design extension modules to web pages using the Tera Text Content Management System (CMS). The session will provide an overview of the GUI Design Manual and Module Instructions, which explain the purpose, benefits and applications of the modules and where and how to apply them. Participants will have an opportunity to create web pages using the new design modules.

Email to register your interest in completing this training. Where feasible a Digital and CX member will come and train individuals or small teams at their work stations. For larger groups web services will need to book a computer lab.


  • You are a currently web publisher with access to web publishing
  • You have attended the Tera Text Content Management System (CMS) training
  • Approval of your Web Manager

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this training, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the GUI Design Manual and Module Instructions
  • Apply the new modules to their existing web pages to improve the user experience.
  • Design and implement new pages that comply with guidelines and maximize content delivery


One-on-one or small group sessions

Designed for

RMIT web editors (publishers)


Digital and CX Trainer

* Please contact before registering for this course.