Tips and Case Studies

Case study: Coffee and cookies

Case study: Coffee and cookies

Coffee and Cookies

This series of ‘Conversations’ was inspired by interviews with lecturers from 44 courses in 2007, who discussed their teaching experiences and strategies as part of the CES Analysis Project. These reports are drawn from their stories on changes they had made to their course, motivations for doing so, and ways in which they addressed the GTS items most highly correlated with good teaching. View the links below to read about some of their wonderful ideas on how to create a valuable learning experience for their students.

Andrew Buntine has developed ‘Good teaching tip sheets’ based on these reports, which are available as part of the ‘Practical guide to teaching’ on the Learning and Teaching web site. Access these and other helpful teaching resources.

CES Fact Sheets

This series of newsletter-style Fact Sheets will pursue key areas of interest to explain concepts, diffuse myths and offer tips on how you can get the most out of the CES. They are a handy guide for lecturers on topics of interest from the CES.