30 October 2014

Josh makes the most of RMIT

Student Josh

American math lecturer Herb Gross was the inspiration behind Josh’s career path.

Born and bred in the Western suburbs, Josh has been mad about mathematics since childhood.

Taking inspiration from an American math lecturer Herb Gross who worked at MIT in the sixties, Josh wants to become a teacher and is working towards a Masters of Teaching Practice (Secondary). Josh loves studying at RMIT and he often finds himself relaxing in Fig Tree Courtyard or spending time at the Latrobe reading room at the State Library—the perfect place to study!

When Josh isn’t focusing on his own studies he offers his time at the RMIT Study and Learning Centre (SLC). Being a multi-disciplinary Student Learning Assistant* (SLA) means Josh helps students with math, writing, as well as computer skills. He also helps students that have trouble with academic referencing and using programs like Excel.

“The Student Learning Centre provides academic support; so we can help explain your work, provide suggestions on where you can improve your work, that sort of thing. We’re not an assessment checking service—we don’t sit there and just check your work—we actually engage and suggest how you can improve your marks.”

Working as a SLA means that Josh is able to hone his teaching skills for the future, as well as being able to provide invaluable help to other students that might be struggling with their studies. Josh has learnt that the most important part of being an SLA is being able to listen to the needs of his peers, being there for students to bounce ideas off and helping to create a sense of understanding about what is required with complex assignments.

*SLA is just one of many study and learning support services offered by the SLC.

Written by Courtney Phillips, Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT.

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