Social media policy

Intent and objectives

This policy establishes a framework for the use of social media by staff (including RMIT agents) in a professional capacity across RMIT University.


The use of social media by staff should accord with the Media Policy, Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use of Information and Communications Technology Resources Policy.

RMIT University’s presence or participation on social media sites includes:

  • media sites established by the University on University-owned domains, such as blogs
  • accounts on external sites such as, but not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, on behalf of the University
  • personal accounts on external sites that are approved for use or participation by University staff as part of their social media management duties


This policy does not apply to:

  • personal social media accounts, except where activity may breach policies including the Code of Conduct Policy, Communication with Current Onshore Students Policy, Acceptable Use of Information and Communications Technology Resources Policy, Brand (Visual Identity) Policy, Privacy Policy and Media Policy
  • social networking sites set up on Google Apps for the purpose of internal project management or collaboration


1. To facilitate the constructive use of social media for the University’s activities.

2. To afford appropriate protection to the University, its staff and students.

3. To ensure actions are in place to represent RMIT University in a fair, accurate and legal manner, while protecting the University’s brand and reputation.

4. To identify ownership and accountability for content in order to publish information that is timely, relevant, accessible, current and compelling.

Policy provisions

1. Planning social media

1.1. The University recognises that the legitimate use of social media has a role to play in supporting teaching, research, administrative and alumni activities, marketing to prospective students and communicating with current students. Use of social media should accord with this policy.

1.2. Procedures and instructions have been established based on this policy to assist staff and students in the safe and effective use and management of social media. These cover topics including moderation and dispute resolution, best practice engagement, personal safety and etiquette.

1.3. Content created must comply with the Deletion and Archiving of Social Media Content Procedure and Web Content Policy.

2. Creating social media accounts and content

2.1. All University statutes, regulations, policies and procedures that relate to staff and student conduct, activities or practices also apply to such conduct, activities and practices that take place in a social media environment.

Without limiting the generality of the above paragraph, the following University instruments are of specific importance to this policy in terms of appropriate behaviour of staff and students:

2.1.1. Code of Conduct Policy (staff)

2.1.2. Acceptable Use of Information and Communications Technology Resources Policy (staff and students)

2.1.3. Communication with Current Onshore Students Policy

2.1.4. Student Discipline Statute 6.1 (students)

2.1.5. Student Discipline Regulation 6.1.1 (students)

2.1.6. Statement of Student Responsibilities (students)

2.1.7. Student Charter (students)

2.1.8. Media Policy

2.1.9. Brand (Visual Identity) Policy

2.1.10. Privacy Policy.

2.2. A person who uploads or provides content or information to a social media platform that:

i. represents the University;

ii. represents the views of the University; or

iii. claims an association with the University,

must comply with the University’s Media Policy, Brand (Visual identity) Policy and Spokespeople and Associates on Official Social Media Channels Procedure.

2.3. Staff and students are personally responsible for all content or information they place on or upload to social media channels.

2.4. Staff should also abide by the Terms of Service for each individual social media platform.

2.5. An account to be created in the name of the University or with University branding on a specific social media platform (e.g. YouTube, Twitter) should only be created by and operated through University Marketing or Communications in accordance with the Opening an Official Social Media Presence Procedure.

A new social media account that aims to be officially recognised by the University must submit a Business case for approval as outlined in the Opening an Official Social Media Presence Procedure. All officially recognised social media accounts will be publicly listed by the University on the RMIT website via the Social Media Register.

3. Maintaining social media

3.1. Digital and Customer Experience Strategy will monitor official use of social media and to ensure compliance with this policy. On official social media channels, RMIT reserves the right to request the removal of any content published that is not in accordance with the Social Media Policy.

Disciplinary action may be taken against staff or students who breach this policy, in accordance with the relevant disciplinary procedure.

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