RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

56. Secure employment


RMIT recognises the importance of maintaining an appropriate balance between casual and non-casual employment of academic staff.


In addition to the University’s normal recruitment strategy, the University agrees to offer more secure employment in the following three categories of fellowship positions.

Early Career Development Fellowships (ECDF)


Over the life of this agreement the University will advertise Early Career Development Fellowships and make offers of employment for 15 appointments in each year. For the purposes of this subclause ‘in each year’ means the first 15 ECDF appointments will occur between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015 and then 15 additional ECDF appointments in 12 month intervals thereafter.


All ECDF appointments will be fixed term of up to 3 years duration.


ECDF roles will be advertised internally and externally as they arise.


The field of ECDF applicants will be restricted to applicants who:

(a) have a PhD or have been an active candidate for their PhD for at least two years; and

(b) during the past three years:

i. have performed casual teaching work for an Australian University; and

ii. have not been employed on a continuing basis at an Australian University.


Successful candidates will be selected from eligible candidates on academic merit.


Successful candidates who have a PhD at the time of appointment will be appointed at Level B, otherwise the level of appointment will be A6.


The teaching and teaching related duties performed by the ECDF employee must be work which would otherwise be performed by casual employees. The AIMC will review ECDF appointments on a regular basis.


At the conclusion of the fixed term contract, the employee will be entitled to apply for conversion to continuing employment and will be converted if she/he has met required standards of performance and conduct unless the work being performed by the ECDF employee is no longer required to be performed. This sub-clause will apply for all staff employed on an early career development fellowship fixed term contract at the time of approval of this agreement.


If the application for conversion to continuing employment is rejected the University will supply the reason in writing.


An ECDF employee whose contract expires and who is not subsequently offered continuing employment due to the work no longer being required and who is not offered any other kind of alternative continuing or fixed term work at RMIT will be entitled to a severance benefit calculated in accordance with clause 11.5.

Industry Fellows


Over the life of the agreement the University will offer fixed term employment to 12 employees in each year in accordance with clause 11.1.2 i). For the purposes of this subclause ‘in each year’ means the first 12 Industry Fellow appointments will occur between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015 and then 12 additional Industry Fellow appointments in 12 month intervals thereafter.

Vice-Chancellor (VC) Research Fellows


Upon expiration of his/her fixed term contract a VC Research Fellow will automatically be offered continuing employment in a teaching and research capacity unless:

(a) The employee has not met performance standards; or

(b) The employee has not met expected standards of conduct; or

(c) The VC or his/her nominated representative agrees to an exemption request by the relevant Head of School


For the purpose of this clause a VC Research Fellow is an employee nominated as such on his/her contract of employment and/or in writing by the University.

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