Micro- and nano-fabricated sensors is a research theme of the Microplatforms research group. The sensors research activities are conducted at the Sensor Technology Laboratory.

The Sensor Technology Laboratory at RMIT University was established in 1982. The laboratory has a long history for developing various types of physical, chemical, and biochemical sensors for gas and liquid media sensing applications. Over the last decade, this research theme has commercialised five products, created strong linkages with a number of international universities (such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California Los Angeles, and University of Cambridge), and published over 300 scientific peer-reviewed papers in reputed journals and high profile conference proceedings.

Our current research in sensors covers applications in areas of biology, biochemistry, electrochemistry, optics, and gases and fluids. Sensing using surface acoustic waves (SAW) and growth of novel oxide nanostructures are technologies underpinning this research.

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Key contacts

Associate Professor Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh
Research Theme Leader

Professor Wojtek Wlodarski

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