25 June 2014

Bundoora campus staff address 3 December 2013

Attendees: 70

Question and answer session

Q. When will staff be notified of the new parking rates?

A. Once they are approved, staff will be informed at least three months before they come into effect mid-2014. Until then, rates will remain the same as they were in 2013, with the option of purchasing half-yearly or yearly passes.

Q. What is happening with the vacated space between Levels 5 and 6 in Building 201?

A. The School of Health sciences are currently consolidating the space for better optimisation, and this has meant a move of Chiropractic staff into building 202. The movement has occurred swiftly during the non teaching period. Nursing staff are moving to level 7 of building 201.

Q. What is the status of the University Hill clinic?

A. It is going ahead and a paper for approval has gone to RMIT Council for ratification of a longterm lease. The clinic should be in use from Semester 1, 2015.

Q. How long will the toilet upgrade in building 201 take?

A. I am unsure whether the jobs will be staggered floor by floor.

Brian Boardman to follow up and disseminate the program of works.

Q. Is the lift in Building 201 being replaced?

A. The lift is being revamped with a new central core to be installed in January and it will be out of use for two weeks. It will be staff access only with a swipe card. Students with a disability will also be able to use the lift.

Q. How is usage monitored for the new bike cage?

A. Staff can register online to add the access to their swipe card, but as the number of spaces are limited to 30, it is a case of first in, best dressed. Property Services will look into an additional space if it is well utilised, as the new cage space was converted from two parking spaces.

Q. Will fencing for the sports fields be actioned?

A. No action is planned at this point in time though a report has been done by a consultant working for Property Services. The report has not yet been presented to Peter Coloe, who is waiting to see the assessment as better security is desired.

Property Services are to send Peter Coloe the consultant’s report.

Q. There has been talk of a shared lunch hour for all students. What are the details?

A. Student Union have asked for a common student lunch hour, Wednesday’s at 12:30, wherein no classes are scheduled and activities can be held for all students to attend. This is going ahead in 2014, but it has come to attention that some staff were required to schedule classes due to a supposed lack of resources. There was supposed to be a block in the booking system to disallow this.

Peter Coloe to investigate this room booking breach with the timetabling team.

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