Admission to VET programs for purposes of recognition of prior learning, industry delivery or overseas qualification conversion instruction

Instruction statement

VET programs may require admissions to enrol students for:

  • recognition of prior learning (RPL) only
  • intensive workplace delivery, or
  • conversion of overseas qualifications by completion of some units of competency only

Where these types of enrolment may be anticipated, the School or College should arrange for quick-admission application limits to be set for the program in the Non -standard application limits list.

Where, however, a program has not been included in that list, it may occasionally be necessary to admit students unexpectedly for the purposes listed above.


This instruction applies only to VET programs offered in Melbourne

Instruction steps and actions

Instruction (including key points)



Application Limits are requested in July for admissions in the following calendar year

The list is circulated to Colleges in June, to be returned to Admissions by mid-July and configured by the end of August.

  • A request for colleges to compile a list of non-standard programs requiring Application Limits is sent from Admissions to College Admissions Managers (or equivalent) in June. Application limits for the RPL, industry and overseas qualification conversion admit types can be added, to permit quick-admission of students for these purposes.


  • Schools submit these lists to College Admissions Managers who review and approve as appropriate,


  • College Admissions Managers submit approved lists to Admissions by mid-July.

College Admissions Managers

  • Admissions review the lists by the end of July;


  • Business Systems and Processes (BSP) configures programs to be offered, and Application Limits, by the end of August.


When new or unanticipated Application Limits are identified by the School after the Non-standard programs list has been submitted:

Within two business days of receipt of form (where there are no issues)

  • an Application Limits request form should be completed, and forwarded to the relevant College Admissions Manager for approval.


  • The College Admissions Manager will review the request and, if approved, send it to Admissions for processing. Unauthorised and/or incomplete forms cannot be processed.

College Admissions Manager

  • Following configuration Admissions confirms that the Application Limit has been set up.


The School then completes quick-admit paperwork and forwards it to Document Management Services (DMS) for processing.


Within two business days ore receipt of form (where there are no issues)

  • If Admissions hasn't configured the Application Limits at the point when the School request is received, DMS will log an issue and raise it with the School/College.


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