Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2009

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Work Integrated Learning, Bachelor of Applied Science (Fashion Merchandising, Textiles)

Project Leaders

Grant Emerson and Yuping Li

Project Summary

The purpose of the project was to conduct market research for a fashion company in Vietnam (Zone Clothing), in order to identify market opportunities and to make viable marketing recommendations to the proprietor of the business (an RMIT Vietnam graduate), to implement and to improve business operations and profitability.

The project required a group of students to travel to Vietnam to undertake a WIL project with an industry partner (Zone Clothing) identified by RMIT Vietnam.

Seven students from the Bachelor of Applied Science (Fashion & Textiles Merchandising) program were selected through an interview process and the trip was made in May 2009. One teacher from the program accompanied students as a mentor. The information collected through the trip formed the basis for the bachelor degree thesis (Major Project A and B) to be completed by students.

The student experience included:

  • Learning more about Vietnamese culture
  • Establishing a deeper understanding of Vietnamese economy and day to day life
  • Developing a better understanding of the Asian fashion and textiles markets
  • Visiting the factory to see how it operates, the scale of the factory, employee conditions, the machinery and processes used, to learn about the manufacturing and technical side of the business as well as the processes involved within the overall business
  • To have the opportunity to gain knowledge from guest speakers in the fashion and textile market. These resources are exclusive to the study tour and a useful source of information to assist students in completing their assignment.


The outcome of the trip was the preparation of seven marketing plans for Zone Clothing – three for a new range of yoga wear and four for the existing Ultimate (Frisbee) players uniform range. The marketing plans covered research data providing a general overview of the markets concerned, competitive analysis, target market definitions, consumer perceptions and expectations. These data were then analysed to form recommendations on brand identities, positioning strategies and marketing strategies, in particular, product development and distribution strategies, for both ranges of clothing.

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