07 June 2016

Smart integration delivers for Global Enrolments

How do you take a paper-based manual process requiring document verification and turn it into an online process that is faster, more efficient and provides a better experience for students and staff?

You engage ITS to get systems talking to each other, enabling the real-time transfer of information.

Assessing evidence of student eligibility for vocational education students was a complex process for those enrolling in a government-subsidised program. It required students to come on campus to show their documentation, then for RMIT staff to check eligibility and update the SAMS system for the enrolment process to continue.

Working with ARG, the ITS Student Lifecycle team made it happen online. Integration between SAMS and external document verification systems mean most transactions can now be completed in seconds – with reduced error handling.

It’s a great example of our focus on digital experiences and simplifying business outcomes through innovation.