Teaching practices

  • The Practical guide to teaching highlights the approaches we take to learning and teaching at RMIT, and provides information and tips that can enhance your teaching.
    The focus of the guide is very much on the practical aspects of how teaching is conducted at RMIT: what we do, and how we do it. It will help you to plan and implement quality student learning, and to develop your capabilities as teacher.
  • The Quick guide for sessional staff provides quick access to a selection of learning and teaching topics commonly dealt with by sessional staff members, and links to induction information, professional development opportunities and portfolio-specific administrative processes.
  • The Guide to Inclusive Teaching details RMIT's commitment to a universal approach to teaching, and identifies a range of strategies for making teaching and assessment more inclusive.
  • The CES Analysis Project website provides information, case studies and services that RMIT teaching staff can access in order to understand – and improve – their CES results.
  • The Transnational teaching website provides links to projects and initiatives aimed at supporting international excellence in curriculum and pedagogy across RMIT's offshore partnerships and programs.