Guidelines for the Request to Display Public Art on RMIT Campuses

Creativity, originality and innovation can be seen throughout RMIT's campuses. From the striking 'green brain' design of Building 22, to the impressive refurbishment of the Frances Ormond Building, RMIT is recognised for significant architectural and design achievements.

RMIT's students have also contributed to Melbourne's thriving cultural scene through accomplishments in areas of design such as fashion, architecture and art.

Property Services is proud to support RMIT's design students in providing space for displays of public art. This is an excellent way to demonstrate RMIT's achievements as a leader in innovative design to current and future students, as well as the public.

Public Art is "both commissioned and self-initiated. Practice may include street sculpture and street art, wall paintings, constructed landscapes and public installation, projects in virtual space; and trans-disciplinary work engaging new and emerging technologies."

If you would like to display public art on RMIT campuses, please observe the guidelines below.

Make sure your display will not conflict with the following University guidelines regarding student wellbeing and infrastructure integrity:

  • Displays can not impact or damage any building or grounds infrastructure.
  • Displays that create unacceptable OH&S risks can not be allowed.
  • University security can not be comprised by the location or design of displays.
  • Displays can not compromise egress or access to any building or area on campus.
  • Heritage regulations placed on buildings can not be compromised by displays.

If your display does not infringe on any of the guidelines, please fill out the form Request to Display Public Art on RMIT Campuses (DOC 60Kb). When the form has been completed, please email it to for approval.

Please note: Displays that violate any of the University's guidelines for displaying public art on campus will not be approved.