Tutorial learning spaces

Tutorial spaces enable students to actively work with each other in pairs or small teams on project-based and group learning.


Tutorial spaces facilitate student group discussion.

There are a range of general, interactive, conversational and collaborative spaces that encourage learning in small groups and teams. These flexible spaces are designed for students and teachers to share ideas, network and facilitate group discussions.

The interactive tutorial and collaborative spaces allow for direct student-student and teacher-student engagement in learning activities that goes beyond the discursive level.

Quick guides

Buildings 10 and 12

Swanston Academic Building

Quick guides for tutorial spaces in the Swanston Academic Building (SAB).

Virtual tour

The collaborative classrooms in building 13 (13.3.5, 13.3.13, 13.4.3) feature technology-enabled spaces for group work and discussion. Project tables seat up to six students, and can be reconfigured into a range of seating arrangements.