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Professor Colin Fudge


B.Arch (Hons), MA, D.Sc, FRIBA, MRTPI, FRSA

Professor Colin Fudge was appointed PVC, College of Design and Social Context in August 2008, having previously been Pro Vice-Chancellor in Bristol. He has worked in government, academia and the private sector. He has worked in the two Universities in Bristol, UK, University of Cardiff, Wales, Chalmers University and Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden and in government in the UK, European Commission, Sweden, and State Government of Victoria, Australia.

Among his previous appointments are Chair, European Union Expert Group on the Urban Environment; Founding Director of the WHO Collaborative Research Centre of Healthy Cities and Urban Policy; Chair European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign; Chair OECD International Urban Indicators Panel; Visiting Professor, European University Institute, Florence, Italy, member of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) in England and patron of the UK Urban Design Group.

Currently Professor Fudge is a member on the International Board of the Swedish Research Councils; the International Board of the MISTRA Urban Sustainable Futures Centre; the Cities Advisory Board; LSE; the International Scientific Board, Chalmers University, Gothenburg.

At RMIT in addition to providing overall academic leadership of the College of Design and Social Context (8 Schools 24,000 students) he Chairs the Board and the Reference Group for the EU Centre; the RMIT Sustainability Committee; has responsibility for RMIT Hamilton, acts as advisor to Property Services and has won ARC research on Climate Change, Urban Sustainable Futures, and Urban Design and Placemaking. He is a Visiting Professor in Stockholm, Bristol and Gothenburg.

Professor Fudge has contributed through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research on public policy formulation and implementation; cities, sustainable development and adaptation to climate change; public health; demographic change and urban design. This has been recognised through the awarding of the Royal Professorship of Environmental Science by the Swedish Academy of Sciences in 2002 and the award of an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Bristol in 2009 for his work on public policy.

Professor Fudge has written eight books, over 100 articles and reports, numerous book chapters and presented more than 130 conference papers.