Mobile phone policy

Intent and objectives

To ensure that the use of mobile phones for RMIT business is correctly authorised and monitored;

To ensure all business expenses incurred by staff using a personal mobile phone are correctly reimbursed; and

To ensure all personal calls on corporate mobile phones are correctly reimbursed.


The procedures apply to Cost Centre managers, who will obtain authorisation from their line manager.


1. Background

Standard telephones are provided for RMIT activities. However, the University accepts that a very small proportion of local calls may be for reasonable private use (contacting family members etc) and does not require reimbursement. The cost of all private STD and IDD calls must be fully reimbursed. For the mobile service all calls are timed and hence can incur considerable cost. Access charges to the network are incurred as well as the call costs.

2. Policy - corporate mobile phones

2.1 Authorisation

The Cost Centre manager may authorise a corporate mobile phone to be assigned to an employee. The phone remains the property of RMIT at all times.

2.2 Preferred carrier

Telstra has been nominated as the preferred carrier as such all purchases must be arranged through Telstra- Victorian Government Customer Care Centre.

2.3 Preferred handsets

There is no preferred handset however new handsets should be chosen from those available from the Telstra One Stop Shop and should be purchased from the Telstra One Stop Shop. Digital mobile phones should be used.

2.4 Registration of handsets and carrier contracts

The Cost Centre is to maintain a register of all corporate mobile phones, recording details of:

  • the handset;
  • the telephone number;
  • the network services contract for each phone ;
  • the employee to whom it is assigned; and
  • the authorising officer.

2.5 Retrieval of handsets

It is the responsibility of the Cost Centre manager to ensure that a handset and SIM is returned by employees when they leave RMIT. This information should be recorded in the Mobile Phones Register.

2.6 Reimbursement of personal call costs

The employee must reimburse RMIT the cost of personal calls made on corporate mobile phones where:

  • a call costs more than 50 cents;
  • there is a substantial number of private calls less than 50 cents (i.e. greater than "reasonable private use").

3. Policy - personal mobile phones

3.1 Authorisation

The Cost Centre manager may authorise an employee to use a personal mobile phone for RMIT business.

3.2 Reimbursement of business call costs

RMIT will reimburse staff for mobile phone call costs on their personal mobile phones that are directly incurred during the transaction of RMIT business if that use has been previously authorised by the Cost Centre manager.

4. Corporate mobile phone accounts

4.1 Authority

All corporate mobile phone accounts are to be authorised for payment by the Cost Centre manager.

4.2 Procedure

On receipt of mobile phone account the account will be paid with the approval of the cost centre manager.

Employees will reimburse the University for the cost of private phone calls in accordance with this Policy through the delegated department finance officer.

5. Personal mobile phone call cost reimbursement

Reimbursement to RMIT staff for the use of mobile phones is for calls relating to RMIT business only.

5.1 Authority

Reimbursement to staff for business related calls on personal mobile phones is to be authorised by the Cost Centre manager.

5.2 Procedure

After payment of the personal mobile phone bill, the employee identifies all business use calls

  • If the amount claimed is less than $101 a claim form is to be submitted for petty cash reimbursement
  • If the amount claimed is more than $100 a staff reimbursement form is to be submitted for reimbursement through payroll
  • The relevant claim form is to be authorised by the cost centre manager.
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