Casual Staff Member (Vocational Education)


This award recognises the outstanding achievement of an individual teacher/trainer or team who has enhanced student learning and/or industry training through exemplary teaching practice in Vocational Education while employed on a casual basis.

Value of the award

The award consists of a grant of $3,000 which can be used by the recipient/s to:

  • advance the career/s of the recipient/s
  • provide additional resources to support their teaching or activities related to the award
  • assist the individual/team to disseminate and embed good practice in learning and teaching.

Award monies must be spent within the year the funds are allocated and cannot be rolled over into the future years i.e. a November 2018 award will be allocated money in 2019 and must be expended in 2020.


This award category is for sessional staff who teach at RMIT University in the Vocational Education sector under one or more of the following circumstances:

  • Vocational Education sessional staff who teach a full semester
  • Vocational Education sessional staff who teach one semester per year, but not necessarily sequential semesters
  • Vocational Education sessional staff who teach at least 9/18 weeks per semester (subject to staff being able to provide sufficient evidence for the selection criteria).


Applicants must respond to all criteria:

  1. Excellence and innovation
  • This may include:
    • Creative use of digital technology in learning and teaching.
    • Innovations in teaching and communication within your course.
    • Sharing your teaching practices and/or displaying leadership outside your School.
    • Publications, speaking engagements and other ways you have contributed to knowledge in your area.
    • Different work experience and roles you have performed.
    • Significant results you have delivered with community- or industry-wide significance.
  1. Student focus/outcomes
  • This may include:
    • Engagement of diverse students, such as innovations in teaching modalities, communication and validation.
    • Successful student outcomes such as results, completion and participation data.
    • Processes and systems for gathering student data (needs and satisfaction).
    • Actions to improve practice in response to student needs and student satisfaction data.
  1. Standards of professionalism
    This may include maintaining ethical standards, involvement in moderation and validation, body of expertise / knowledge and industry links.
  2. Professionalism and commitment to learning and teaching
  • This may include:
    • Convening groups to support professional development and other relevant professional activities, including relevant voluntary activities.
    • Leadership (mentoring or guiding others).
    • Contribution to learning and teaching initiatives.
    • Maintaining knowledge of current issues and developments in your area.
    • Maintaining ethical standards.
    • Referee reports.
  1. Links with industry and/or community
  • This may include:
    • Engagement with other educators within RMIT.
    • Personal, professional, community or industry engagement and/or testimonials relating to student achievements.

Application requirements

  • A written overview (300 words) stating:
    • Areas of expertise
    • Qualifications
    • Courses taught
    • Education and work background
    • A brief description of learning and teaching context, including any specific challenges.
    • This will not form part of the assessable application but will be used for administrative and promotional purposes.
  • A written application responding to all four criteria (up to 600 words per criterion).
    • An inclusive list of examples is provided above for each criterion.
  • Supporting evidence of up to four pages, including:
    • Reference/letter of support from employer.
    • Relevant awards.


  • Application form for Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Learning and Teaching – Casual Staff Member (Vocational Education)
  • Application guide for Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to Learning and Teaching – Casual Staff Member (Vocational Education)