Alumni Communications Guidelines

If you would like to communicate to RMIT alumni, the team at RMIT Advancement are available to advise and assist on the most appropriate way to deliver your message.

There are many official communications channels available to connect with alumni.

These include:

These communication channels require you to complete an Alumni Request Form (MS Word 124Kb).

All requests must offer some immediate benefit to a significant portion of contacted alumni, and not be commercial in nature.

Reach out by joining our social media networks:

Types of communications that cannot be sent to alumni via email include:

  • Advertising and commercial/marketing requests
  • Job advertisements (these receive much better response on LinkedIn)
  • Surveys (except surveys to meet government or ratings requirements for RMIT University)
  • Individual program promotions
  • Requests that are vague/ without a strong call to action

However, these communications maybe suitable for promotion via social media channels.

RMIT Advancement is happy to work with you to determine the best communications channel/ combination for your message. Please email or call 03 9925 5222 to discuss.

We look forward to working with you!

Further information

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Please note: RMIT Advancement has obligations to protect alumni privacy, safeguard their connection to RMIT, and communicate appropriately to alumni. For these reasons, the Advancement team will offer you advice about the best way to manage your communication request to maximise the impact of your message, based on our legal obligations, best practice, alumni behaviour and database requirements. Not all messages are appropriate for alumni or of interest to them, and the Advancement office reserves the right to refuse any request