RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

60. Professional staff classifications


All professional staff positions covered by this Agreement, except apprentice and trainee positions, will be classified according to the classification standards set out in Schedule 2 of this agreement.


The classification system will provide a clear, transparent and consistent approach to classifying professional staff positions at RMIT whether they are new, vacant or existing positions with an incumbent.


Application for classification review of a position may be made at any time. All continuing, fixed term and regular casual professional staff may submit a Position Analysis document for a classification review.


A review of an incumbent’s position’s classification will assess the work value of the position, not the performance of the incumbent, the workload, the financial circumstances of the work area.


The Classification Committee will meet regularly to ensure the timely review of existing positions, and the reporting of outcomes to the incumbent.


Where a committee is formed to review a position classification, for each management representative, it will contain an RMIT professional staff member from the pool nominated by the NTEU. All committee members will be trained in the classification system.

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