01 June 2015

Tell us how it is

The recent launch of our customer experience survey is providing new visibility into what is important to RMIT students and staff.


When an ITS service enquiry or request is closed, we’re now sending customers a quick two minute survey to rate their satisfaction and let us know what we could do better.

The results allow us to benchmark the customer experience through a Net Promoter Score and get real time insights into how we are doing everyday. The goal is to improve this score by 20 per cent by the end of 2015. To do this we’ll be analysing the feedback for trends and taking immediate action to drive satisfaction rates.

Using the Net Promoter system ensures we can compare our performance against leading brands and organisations - like Telstra and realestate.com. We’ll keep you updated regularly with our score and how we’re going in turning detractors into promoters.

[Source: Russell Burgess, ITS]