Introducing students to Work Integrated Learning

Providing a clear introduction to Work Integrated Learning (WIL) ensures that students understand what is required of them before, during and after a WIL activity. You may need to obtain any relevant information from students prior to WIL, including legal and other checks.

Note: It is recommended that this information is provided well in advance of the WIL activity, even as early as when the student enrols.

Legal and other non-academic requirements

The Work Integrated Learning procedure requires that students are informed of any WIL activity requirements prior to commencement such as immunisations, insurance coverage and police checks.

Note: Students are responsible for all costs associated with legal checks and immunisations. They must confirm these details prior to commencing their WIL activity.

Other student information

It may be necessary that additional student information is required, such as:

  • transport status;
  • preferred industry area or specialisation; and
  • reasonable adjustments for disability, personal circumstances or schedule considerations (i.e. work, dependants, etc.).

All information provided must be handled as per the RMIT Privacy Policy.

Issues students should consider

Other issues students may need to consider before beginning their WIL activity include:

  • accommodation if WIL involves travel overseas or to a rural area;
  • childcare arrangements;
  • other employment;
  • study commitments;
  • transport; and
  • medical emergency action plan (a set of instructions for someone to follow in the event of an emergency or deterioration in their health, doctor’s contact details and any medications, including dosage, to be administered in an emergency).


Expression of interest - student WIL application form (DOCX, 34Kb)