RMIT University is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment. Contractors are required to adhere to certain guidelines prior to commencing work at RMIT.

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Contractor Induction

Any contractor working on RMIT premises under the management and control of RMIT University is required to complete the appropriate level of the RMIT contractor online induction prior to commencing work with RMIT University and subsequently as a refresher every two years.

Training modules can be found here, please refer to your Property Services project Representative for login details.

In addition, any contractor will also be required to read and confirm by signature their understanding of the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Site Induction Booklet.

Download the Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Site Induction Booklet for Contractors (PDF 1.57 MB, 31 pages)

Your evidence of familiarisation with the contents of the induction booklet is a precondition for permission to work within University premises. This ensures that all persons working within RMIT University understand their surrounding work environment and covers pertinent OH&S issues such as:

  • emergency procedures
  • emergency contacts (identification and sequence)
  • where and when to report accidents and near misses
  • general housekeeping issues
  • personal safety around an event site

The responsibilities of contractors are outlined in detail in the OH&S Site Induction Booklet for Contractors. Contractors must ensure that:

  • they are competent to do the job asked of them
  • they have the qualifications, training, experience and certificates of competency that will be needed for the job
  • they have the appropriate OH&S knowledge required for the job
  • they maintain the premises in which they work in a safe and healthy manner for themselves and for RMIT staff and students
  • they employ safe tools and systems of work to do a job
  • electrical power tools are regularly inspected and tagged in accordance with AS3760
  • they comply with appropriate standards
  • Safety Data Sheets are available for all chemicals
  • instructions and supervision from the contracting company are adequate
  • they communicate regularly with their RMIT contract supervisor/project officer
  • methods of work are approved by the contract supervisor/project officer