Extensions of time to submit assessment work

See the Adjustments to assessment web page to find out whether an extension of time to submit assessment work is the right type of assessment adjustment for your circumstances.

What is an extension of time to submit assessment work?

If you are prevented from submitting an assessment on time, by circumstances outside your control, you may apply in advance for an extension to the due date of up to seven calendar days.

Where an extension of greater than seven days is needed, you must apply for special consideration.

However, if you have an equitable assessment arrangement that provides for negotiation of submission dates with relevant academic/teaching staff, extensions of more than seven days may be considered.

How to apply

  • If you are seeking an extension of seven calendar days or less (from the original due date) you must apply at least one working day before the assessment deadline.
  • Complete an Application for extension of time to submit assessment work form (PDF 139kb 2p) and submit it to the RMIT school that runs the course.
  • Submission arrangements can vary according to individual school procedures. It is your responsibility to check whether the form should be submitted to the school administrative officer, course coordinator (Higher Education), program manager (Vocational Education) or the teaching staff member who will mark the assessment.
  • The application must be submitted no later than one working day before the official due date – except in exceptional circumstances.