NEIS Program, School of Business TAFE contract instruction

An instruction states the required steps/actions, responsibilities and time-frames for a process under a policy and/or procedure of the University.

Instruction statement

This work instruction is designed to outline the enrolment process for NEIS industry students completing a Certificate IV in Small Business.


This instruction is only relevant to students undertaking a Certificate IV in Small Business who are enrolled into the Commonwealth Government funded program, New Enterprise Incentive Scheme. This instruction excludes all other programs.

Instruction steps/actions

Process step/action



Step 1: Produce calendar of events

Engage in liaison with the Academic Registrar’s Group to produce annual schedule of enrolment and completion activities (list of NEIS intakes, conferral dates etc.) for NEIS cohorts


Beginning of each academic semester

Step 2: Publish calendar

Upon completion of the semester schedule, the School will distribute this information via email to the following areas in the Academic Registrar’s Group:

  • Data Management Services (DMS)
  • Enrolments and Records (E&R)
  • Exams Awards and Graduations (EAG)
  • Student Administration Support Line (SASL)and Hubs

Note: Dates are also subject to change depending when the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) release training placements.


Step 3: Provide student data

Collect the student’s personal details and add the relevant program information to the required quick admit spreadsheet template*

The School will e-mail the completed spreadsheet to Enrolments and Records at


Minimum one working day before enrolment session

Step 4: Course selection templates

Arrange class scheduling and prepare Course Selection Template/s for use with enrolment forms.


Prior to enrolment

Step 5: Quick admit of student data

  • Check the incoming spreadsheet for completeness and accuracy.
  • Forward the spreadsheet to Data Management Services for processing

Enrolments and Records

Minimum one working day before enrolment session

Step 6: Quick admit processing

  • Process data, quick admitting students in their program.
  • Record any issues identified with the data (unresolved issues will be sent back to the Enrolments team for data reassessment and correction).
  • Send a copy of the completed spreadsheet to Enrolments and Records,

Data Management Services

Minimum one working day before enrolment session

Step 7: Enrolment sessions

  • Contact students to advise enrolment session times


Step 8: Production of enrolment forms

  • Produce enrolment forms for new students from quick admit spreadsheet data
  • print enrolment forms and bring to enrolment sessions

Enrolments and Records

Minimum one working day before enrolment session

Step 9: Completion of enrolment forms

  • Attend enrolment sessions and assist students with completing the forms as per the checklist;
  • Hand the completed enrolment forms and Course Selection Template to DMS


Enrolments and Records

Step 10: Processing of enrolment forms

  • Batch the completed enrolment forms.
  • Process the completed enrolment forms;
  • Record data issues with the TAFE Records team;
  • Advise Enrolments and Records when processes are finished,

Data Management Services

On day one of commencement of classes

Step 11: Student Cards

Students are able to collect their student card and student diary from one of the HUB or Student Central locations.

The Hubs Student Central

Available following working day

Step 12: Student Welcome pack

Enrolments and Records will generate Confirmation of Enrolment for each student before placing them in the Student Welcome pack containing:

  • Confirmation of Enrolment;
  • Enrol and Connect booklet;
  • How to read your Confirmation of Enrolment flyer;
  • Welcome to RMIT University letter;
  • TAFE concession flyer

Enrolments and Records will post welcome pack to students.

Enrolments and Records

5 to 10 working days

* Quick Admit Spreadsheet will be made available in due course. In the interim should you require a copy of the template please contact TAFE Records,

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