Research funding from the tobacco industry policy process

Tobacco industry: The tobacco industry comprises individual companies, or their component parts, whose primary business is the manufacture, distribution, promotion and sale of tobacco and related products.

Tobacco Company: A company that:

  • derives over 5% of revenues from manufacturing tobacco products, or;
  • derives 15%+ of revenues from the manufacture of products necessary for the production of tobacco products, or;
  • derives 15% of revenues from the sale of tobacco products (and has 30 or more staff), or;
  • owns a tobacco company (the company owns 50% or more of a tobacco company), or;
  • is more than 50% owned by a company with tobacco involvement.

The following do not constitute tobacco industry funding:

  • legacies from tobacco industry investments (provided these are sold on immediately), or;
  • funding from a trust or foundation no longer having any connection with the tobacco industry even though it may bear a name that (for historical reasons) has tobacco industry associations.

Source: Cancer Council UK Code of Practice on Tobacco Industry Funding to Universities (PDF)

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