Store your work in the cloud and collaborate with staff and students.

RMIT’s Google Apps for Education provides a suite of communication and collaboration tools that can be used by RMIT staff.

The tools include:



Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms




GASMO sync for MS outlook


Google+ and Blogger

Google Hangouts and Photos

Opt in to Google additional services (Google+ and Blogger)

Visit the opt-in web page and follow the link to opt in. Remember, your blogs are public by default. So, make sure you familiarise yourself with RMIT’s social media policy before you start (noting that it doesn’t apply to personal accounts), and adjust your privacy settings if you don’t want your blog to be public.

You must agree to and comply with all Google Terms of Service to use Google Additional Services.

Once you've opted in, to see the additional tools you will need first to log out of your Google Apps account and log back in again. Then click on the Apps icon, which is located in the top right hand corner of the screen next to your email address. From here, you can toggle into your additional Google apps, alongside your calendar, drive and other standard services. If it is not in the list of tools, click the 'more' button to display the full list.

For information about how to opt out or what to do with your profile if you are leaving RMIT, visit myCommunity.

Known issues


There are several known issues affecting the accessibility of several Google Apps tools. Please review the accessibility options for Google Apps for suggested work-arounds.

Learning and Teaching

Find out how GoogleApps can support you in your teaching. Visit the Teaching with technology Google Apps page for more information.

Help and support

Further information


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