Mr Jason Wade


Manager, Technical Services

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Work Unit


Contact Details

+61 3 9925 2223


Building: 024
Level: 02
Room: 008

City campus


College of Design and Social Context

Key Activities

Jason Wade is the Technical Officer in RMIT Gold & Silversmithing and is an active gold and silversmith, with a diverse artistic practice. Wade is informed by and reflects upon the rich tradition of gold and silversmithing. Driven by a desire to displace and develop perceptions of what jewellery and artifact might be Wade experiments with new technologies and nontraditional techniques. Access to modern technology, like laser cutting, has enabled him to also explore the gestalt object and to tap into the discipline of ‘play’.


MA; BA Hons. (Fine Art); BA (Visual).


Wade creates artifacts through an approach of being honest to materials and object. To construct his artifacts Wade utilizes and experiments with the materials’ inherent properties: texture, memory, flexibility, social context and history. Then by juxtaposing different materials within the same object he creates tension and subverts the reading of the artifact.

Research Outputs

Book Chapters

  • Wade, J. (2005). ‘Weaving Flap A into Slot B’, Inherited Futures: Technology to Trap Ideas. Melbourne: RMIT University Press.
  • Wade, J. (2005). ‘Socialising With Objects’, Graduate Work 2005. Melbourne: RMIT University Press.

Media Articles and Reviews in Journal

  • Engelhard, M. More, G. Sorenson, P. Westwood, P (curators). (2005). ‘Various Presence: Human Space in New Technology’. Jason Wade. Melbourne: RMIT University Press.
  • Martin-Chew, L. (2005). ‘The Great Material Double Dip’. Object Magazine 46, pages 16-23.

Public Lectures

  • Wade, J. (2005). ‘Technology and Contemporary Gold and Silversmithing’. The SIAL Colloquium, SIAL n-space, RMIT University, Melbourne 7 th November 2005.

Group Exhibition

  • ‘Various Presence: Human Space in New Technology’. Shanghai International Science and Art Exposition 2005. Shanghai. Curated by Monika Engelhard, Gregory More, Peter Sorenson and Peter Westwood. 2005.