15 March 2013

One hot minute with WorldMun attendee Laura Mannix

WorldMun2013 student profile

Image courtesy of WorldMun Melbourne.

Who is Laura Mannix?

I am in my final year of International Studies at RMIT and I am the Senior Director of Staff (Logistical Interns and Volunteers) at WorldMun 2013.

Why are your involved in WorldMun?

I got involved in WorldMUN because it is an amazing opportunity for young people to be part of a platform that enables discussion of significant international issues. There are so many complexities this generation faces and WorldMUN is an opportunity to contribute to dialogue that can enable change around the world. The multicultural nature of the event adds to the excitement and the sense of a global community. Not only is it a great experience professionally but a wonderful opportunity socially as diversity is celebrated as delegates from around the globe come together to collaborate.

How have you been involved in the RMIT community?

I have been part of the RMIT community through many ventures such as the Amnesty International Charter and volunteering as a tutor for the RMIT English World Wide ESL program, helping international students learn English and learn about Australian culture.

What are you looking forward to at WorldMun 2013?

I am looking forward to taking WorldMUN to a whole new level this year. We have broken WorldMUN history by having delegates represented from the most countries to date and being the first Model United Nations to be affiliated with the United Nations. This alone has lifted the conference into another sphere where delegates are now heard and their ideas will be taken straight to personnel at the UN. I feel so proud to be part of an organisation that can give young dynamic minds the opportunity to have their resolutions considered at an international level. I am also looking forward to having our specialty committee, the Millennium Development Goals Committee explore how to implement the universal goals that can eradicate poverty and contribute to global development.

What change would you like to see?

I would like to see a world where human rights are at the forefront of all governments, not geo-political agenda. I would like to see less intra-state conflict and wealth disparities within countries. I would like to see less dialogue and more action on climate change and gun control. I would like to live in a world where women have the same rights as men and receive the same pay. I want to live in a world where the divide between the Global North and the Global South is not so great and that every single child has access to health care, education and kindness no mater where they are from. That is what I would like to change.

To find out more about WorldMun 2013 visit http://melbourne2013.org.au.

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