Cross institutional enrolment – inbound

If you are currently enrolled in a degree program at another Australian university or recognised Higher Education Provider, you may apply to study single units (courses) at RMIT University on a cross institutional inbound basis.

Please note that students in the following cohorts are not eligible for inbound cross institutional enrolment at RMIT:

  • Study Abroad inbound and outbound students.
  • Exchange inbound and outbound students.
  • Vocational education students.
  • RMIT Vietnam students.

Read the following information carefully before applying to study courses at RMIT.

Units available

You may select from a wide range of RMIT courses (subject to available places).

Please be aware that cross institutional enrolment is fully at the discretion of the RMIT academic school that teaches the course. There may be some cases where the school does not have capacity to teach non-RMIT students.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the requirements for entry into the course/s you are applying to study as part of a cross institutional inbound enrolment.


Cross institutional enrolment is on a semester-by-semester basis and no guarantee of subsequent enrolment can be made. You will receive written notification of the outcome of your application once it has been processed.

Submission of applications

To apply for cross institutional inbound study must complete all sections of the Application for cross institutional studies (PDF 172kb 3p) form and submit it to the RMIT school that owns the course you are seeking to study prior to the first day of the semester of study.

Note: If you are seeking approval from more than one RMIT school for the same semester, you will need to obtain signatures from each school as stated on page 3 of the Application for cross institutional studies (PDF 172kb 3p) form.

Your application for cross institutional studies must include the approval of your home university. Alternatively, you may provide a letter from your home university that contains the same information required on the form (see page 2 of the form).

Closing dates

To enable you to be enrolled and have timely access to online learning materials and University services from the commencement of the relevant semester, you should submit your Application for cross institutional enrolment form to the relevant RMIT school before the scheduled start of that semester. You must submit the completed form no later than the end of week 1 of the relevant semester.


You must advise RMIT in writing if you wish to formally withdraw from your RMIT course(s). This must be completed before the relevant census date(usually 31 March for Semester 1 or 31 August for Semester 2) to avoid financial liability and academic penalty.

International students

International students are responsible for maintaining and meeting their visa requirements in any given semester, i.e. maintaining a full time load to complete within the expected duration in line with the Education Services for Overseas Students ACT 2000.


As a cross institutional inbound student you will be charged tuition fees and invoiced by RMIT for courses undertaken at RMIT.

Fees may vary from year to year. If you are eligible to defer your fees via HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP, you will need to complete an online Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF) at the time of enrolment with RMIT.

What happens after you submit your application?

On submission your application will be assessed by the school to which you have applied. Please ensure that you have completed all section of the form to avoid processing delays due to inadequate information.

If you are approved to study you will receive instructions about how to enrol online.

Note: You will not be automatically enrolled into your approved course/s. It is your responsibility to access RMIT’s Enrolment Online system and enrol prior to the relevant deadlines for the relevant semester.

Inbound checklist

Have you:

  • Completed the Application for cross institutional studies (PDF 172kb 3p) form and ensured all signatures have been obtained?
  • Received notification that your application has been approved with instructions about how to enrol online?
  • Enrolled into your approved courses online?
  • Completed the online Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF) for a Commonwealth supported place (if applicable)?