SEH teaching tips and FAQs for sessional staff

Teaching and Learning resources and information

The following pages have been developed as a resource for sessional staff in the College of Science, Engineering and Health (SEH). They are designed to assist sessional staff develop and refine their teaching skills. The tips and FAQs are to be used in conjunction with the SEH Guide for Sessional Teachers (PDF 1MB 26p). Permanent teaching staff may also find this information helpful.

SEH College sessional staff come from a variety of backgrounds and teach in a wide range of contexts. These pages try to provide advice for all sessional staff regardless of their particular subject area. If you have a question or problem that is not answered here or would like advice about your classes, please contact Kath Lynch.

Planning your teaching

  • Pre-teaching – You are due to start teaching shortly. This section focuses on frequent issues new teachers have about preparing to teach.
  • Teaching – You've started teaching, but would like to refine your technique or have questions about student behaviour.
  • Assessment – It is time to mark your students work. Here is some advice about how to do this efficiently and effectively.
  • Post-teaching evaluation – Feedback on your teaching will guide you gradually to improve your planning, delivery and confidence.