04 June 2013

Make a difference with Transiting Cities ReActivate

Transiting cities reActivate

Volunteer, become involved, and make a difference.

Transiting Cities: Re-Activate aims to Re-Connect, Re-Make and Re-Vive Latrobe Valley through community building strategies.

They are calling out to you to join the Transiting Cities ReActivate project by volunteering time to become involved and Make a Difference!

If you’re looking to acquire new skills, meet new people, or event put your talents to good use, this could be the opportunity for you to make a difference starting from your own backyard, so to speak. Take a hands-on approach by helping to implement the start of the Re-Activate phase of the project, as well as the ongoing running and communication of the project to the public.

Some of the tasks for which require assistance are; the transformation of existing shops, the set-up of transiting cities HQ in Latrobe Valley, guides communicating the intention of the project to the general public, and assisting in the media campaign.

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, visit Transiting Cities ReActivate.

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