13 June 2012

ITS calendar

ITS is focused on delivery. That means good service, engagement with customers to understand needs, and keeping all at RMIT informed on what is happening with projects.

Now it offers a glimpse of the future: an ITS calendar that provides a snapshot of the projects that are coming to life – the technology for SAB, the upgrade to Windows and our wireless capability to name a few.

The calendar keeps you and your team informed on project milestones and key activities that may directly or indirectly impact your team. It also shows the way that ITS is working to enable RMIT's vision of being a leader in technology and design.

The calendar is updated regularly to ensure up-to-date information, and ITS will keep you informed of any changes to milestone dates. You are part of keeping this calendar live. If you have any queries, please contact the communications team.

[Source: Steven Petrenko, ITS]

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