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Can I...

place sound recordings from a CD online for my students to access?

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play a musical work or sound recording in class?

(PDF 27Kb)

provide a CD of sound recordings to my students?

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transfer a work to a CD/DVD?

(PDF 45Kb)

upload a DVD copy of a music video to an online site?

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use music I have purchased from an online site such as iTunes as part of my


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video my students' end of year presentation and play a CD during the

presentation which will also be recorded?

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video students performing a particular task as part of their coursework, and

then edit it to include music?

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play music CDs at my students' end of year exhibition?

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hire a DJ to play music at a party I've organised at Storey Hall?

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How do I...

upload a song from a CD to the RMIT streaming server?

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What musical works can I use under this licence?

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Can students record live music and then upload it to the streaming server for

other students to access?

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Does the licence allow me to play my music CDs at work?

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Can students or staff sample music from a CD?

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