20 May 2013

Australia's biggest youth-led young female empowerment conference

Left Right Think-Tank presents HEELS Conference, one of Australia’s largest youth-led young female empowerment events ever to be run. HEELS stands for Helping Educate and Empower Leaders in Society.

Event details


Australia's biggest youth-led young female empowerment conference




10 am-3 pm


Richard Berry - JH Michell Theatre, The University of Melbourne.

Further details

The purpose of this conference is to empower, encourage and inspire confidence in young women to become involved, and strive to lead in, the media, government, business and broader community at large.

If you have an interest in becoming a leader across government, media and business spheres, this conference will expose you to several engaging keynote speakers, a leadership and networking workshop and a panel discussion. You will have the opportunity to hear from speakers about women in power, politics and position.

To reserve your spot, register today via http://bit.ly/10J28dm.

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