Xuan Tran

Xuan Tran

Xuan Tran, Bachelor of Business (Business Information Systems) 2009

Xuan completed her work integrated learning placement at Advanced Vision Technology Australia in 2006, a company she continued to work for during the seven years that followed.

Xuan is a very confident and results driven individual. “I’m not sure whether it’s my age or my attitude but I’ll often pitch things that maybe other people wouldn’t”. This can do attitude helped her deliver results including increasing profits, increasing brand awareness and subscriptions, increasing staff productivity and improving processes.

An entrepreneur at heart, Xuan recently decided to make the break from corporate life and start her own business. PrideWyse is a web based platform where people can come together and share their experiences and stories. The idea is that there is far more to people than meets the eye and PrideWyse is a creative initiative through which people can express themselves beyond face value using the power of the written word.

Xuan is currently in the process of community building, as well as building web tools, web applications, and mobile applications to achieve the PrideWyse mission. A prototype has been created with beta testing about to start. Xuan aims to launch PrideWyse in the next 12 months and is currently seeking sponsorship to help achieve her mission to change the way we express ourselves on the internet.