Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2008

Summary of Projects

Project Title

ROAR: Radio Online At RMIT

Project Leaders

Bruce Berryman

Funds Approved


Summary of the project, outcomes, impacts and dissemination

ROAR – Radio Online At RMIT


The ROAR project enables radio and digital audio work produced by students in the Media, Journalism and Professional Communication programs to be showcased and archived online. Through ROAR, the public can now listen to the documentaries and features, interviews, drama and comedy, soundscapes and reviews produced by RMIT Radio students. Also accessible online are daily news bulletins produced by RMIT journalism students and the weekly Room With A View magazine show produced by Media and Professional Communication students.

Through ROAR potential employers can access biographical information on individual producers and search for material by genre and producer.

Within ROAR there are also student only internal spaces where students use weblogs to develop story ideas, post research material, discuss production issues and comment on the finished pieces. In this way ROAR is also a learning and teaching tool that assists in the research, and development of student radio works

ROAR is also a site for collaborative online radio production. The site allows producers in different geographic locations to produce documentaries in a virtual environment. The first of these collaborations was “Shared Stories” an online documentary produced by Media students from RMIT and Lincoln University in the UK on the theme of emigration.

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