2016 staff survey results

According to the latest New Academic Street (NAS) Pulse Survey conducted in June, 98 per cent of RMIT staff are aware of the NAS Project.

The latest survey revealed that while more staff are impacted by the project (44 per cent up from 33 per cent last year) 86 per cent still feel the project is worthwhile (up from 79 per cent in November last year) and 91 per cent of staff believed that NAS will enhance the student experience (up 7 per cent on last year’s results).

The most common staff impacts were being able to hear the works (56 per cent) and delays in moving through campus (52 per cent).

NAS communications

The survey also revealed that the NAS Project Office team’s efforts to proactively communicate with staff via RMIT Update, the Monthly Staff Update, the Weekly Bulletin, site signage, face-to-face meetings and intranet site updates was paying off – with 65 per cent of staff satisfied with the NAS communications, up from 54 per cent last year.

Staff engagement

Approximately one third of staff (35 per cent) feel they have sufficient knowledge about the NAS project to answer questions from students or colleagues and a majority (71 per cent) feel that receiving regular general updates on NAS’s progress is enough and they do not require extra information.

Other interesting facts:

  • The NAS precinct – Building 8, 10, 12 and 14 – remains a busy hub within the City campus with 75 per cent of all staff regularly walking through the area to get to other parts of the campus.
  • More than 67 per cent of staff were aware of, or attended the Food Night Market.
  • More than 31 per cent of staff were aware of, or attended the Student Portal Street Party.

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