Changes in study mode

Candidates seeking to transfer from full-time to part-time study or from part-time to full-time study must lodge an RMIT Enrolment Variation Form (PDF 66KB) with their School/College. Changes in study mode require the endorsement of the Senior supervisor/s. The RMIT enrolment variation procedure is followed to process the form and the due date for submission is then adjusted accordingly. A change in study mode has fee implications for fee-paying candidates.

Any change of study mode without due authorisation may lead to the candidate being deemed to be ‘at risk of unsatisfactory progress’ if they subsequently fail to meet their milestone review schedule. A change in load also triggers a recalculation of the maximum submission date.

Candidates in receipt of scholarships should contact the scholarship administrator before submitting an application for change to part time.

It should be noted: onshore international students are required to complete their program within the expected duration, and are normally required to be enrolled full-time.