Gmail, by Google, is the RMIT email provider for staff and students. Your mailbox size is unlimited, and you can access your emails from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Learn the basics

How to send and receive messages: learn about how to send, reply or forward messages, your inbox tabs and categories, delete emails and recover them, search in gmail, save drafts, add attachments and much more.

More message actions: learn about archiving messages, starred messages, mark messages as read or unread, print mail and much more.

Set up an out of office reply for when you’re away.

Add a signature to your Gmail messages

Use filters: use these to organise your emails before they reach your inbox.

Create and use labels: labels are the same as folders - find out how to set these up to keep your saved emails organised.

Gmail on your mobile device



Learn more about email at RMIT

Spam management

Hangouts (instant messaging):

Google hangout is available on the left side of your mailbox for instant messaging.

Learn how to start a hangout and share photos within a hangout.

Sending and managing students lists

Visit the Student email lists web page for information about emailing Melbourne students.

Tips and troubleshooting

For more information about Gmail refer to the Google help documentation.