Course Title: Maintain an effective health work environment

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C4356 Certificate IV in Dental Assisting

Course Title: Maintain an effective health work environment

Portfolio: SEH Portfolio Office

Nominal Hours: 20

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Course Contact: Ms. Suzanne Dellas Fatone

Course Contact Phone: 9341 1406

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Course Description

This unit of competency covers the skills and knowledge required to maintain an effective work environment in a health setting by monitoring, coordinating and promoting the implementation of ethical, safe and effective work practices in line with established work requirements

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

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National Competency Codes and Titles

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HLTHIR501C Maintain an effective health work environment


1. Promote ethical work practices

2. Support culture of effective communication

3. Maintain a positive approach to health in the workplace

4. Monitor professional work standards

5. Work in the health industry context

6. Take opportunities to develop own competence

Learning Outcomes

  • Details of accreditation processes and quality improvement practices
  • Implications of relevant legislation, including:

               access and equity
               infection control
               work health and safety (WHS)

  • Meaning of duty of care, confidentiality of information and ethical decision-making in relation to own and others' work duties and responsibilities; what constitutes a breach of these and potential ramifications of such breaches
  • Principles underpinning client-centred health care
  • Principles of client safety
  • Organisation procedures relating to:

               emergency response
               fire safety
               safe disposal of goods/waste
               sustainability in the workplace, including environmental, economic, workforce
               and social sustainability

  • Apply knowledge of the ramifications of breaches of duty of care, confidentiality, ethical guidelines and other relevant policies and legislation
  • Apply understanding of good personal hygiene and risk associated with poor hygiene
  • Identify own responsibilities within the workplace
  • Role, function and objectives of the organisation, and relevance to specific workplace requirements
  • Terms and conditions of employment for staff members
  • Understanding of relevant organisation procedures, policies, awards, standards and legislation and their application in the workplace
  • Analyse implementation of workplace procedures and their outcomes to identify areas for improvement
  • Apply functional literacy skills needed for written and oral information about workplace requirements
  • Apply high-level decision-making and problem solving skills as required to monitor decision-making processes and provide constructive input to assist others
  • Create and promote opportunities to enhance sustainability in the workplace
  • Use high-level communication skills as required by specific work role, including:

                interpreting and implementing complex verbal and/or written instructions
                providing information and ensuring understanding
                reporting incidents in line with organisation requirements
                seeking clarification of information provided by others



Overview of Assessment

The assessment is in the form of a portfolio which comprises of

  • Part A: Case Study: The New Team Leader
  • Part B: Case Study: The New Dental Assistant
  • Part C: Professional Development
  • Part D: Completed and signed Third Party Report