Course Title: Implement an oral hygiene program for older people

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: VE 2019

Class Number: All

Class Section: All

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Course Code: DENT5876C

Course Title: Implement an oral hygiene program for older people

School: 174T School of VE Engineering, Health & Science

Campus: City Campus

Program: C4406 - Certificate IV in Dental Assisting (Oral Health Promotion)

Course Contact: Suzanne Dellas Fatone

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9341 1406

Course Contact Email:

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Nominal Hours: 130

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

The course describes the skills and knowledge required to promote oral health for older people. This unit applies to dental assistants and to other health care workers who are actively involved in promoting the general well-being of older patients through the promotion of healthy eating habits and good oral health.


National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

HLTDEN010 Implement an oral hygiene program for older people


1. Assess the oral health needs of an older person

Performance Criteria:

1.1 Check medical and dental history with patient or family or carer to confirm up-to-date information 1.2 Actively encourage the patient to discuss oral health problems without embarrassment 1.3 Identify oral health problems for older people and their relationship to general health problems 1.4  Identify individualised factors that increase the risk of oral disease for older persons 1.5 Look in the patient’s mouth while cleaning or assisting with oral care 1.6 Identify patients with natural teeth, those who wear dentures and those who are non-denture wearers 1.7 Identify problems that require referral to a dentist  


2. Provide support for the maintenance of oral hygiene for older persons

Performance Criteria:

2.1 Ensure flexibility of oral hygiene instruction taking into consideration a patient’s individual circumstances 2.2 Demonstrate an understanding of the economic and psychological factors that may affect the oral health of older people 2.3 Provide an appropriate environment for oral hygiene instruction 2.4 Develop and give oral hygiene information to patients and carers using language and in a manner they can understand.



3. Implement practical solutions to promote oral health

Performance Criteria:

3.1 Explain actively to patients and carers the importance of regular dental care to maintain quality of life 3.2 Recommend lifestyle changes to assist the older person’s diminished salivary flow in consultation with dental practitioner 3.3 Provide appropriate information to patients and carers for healthy food habits that support oral health 3.4 Actively encourage patients or carers to clean teeth or dentures after meals 3.5 Engage carers with appropriate oral health care promotion programs and resources



4. Maintain oral health of people in residential aged care

Performance Criteria:

 4.1 Ensure all removable dentures are visibly marked with the patient’s identification 4.2 Record oral health in the patient’s personal care plan 4.3 Implement individual oral health programs in consultation with dental professional 4.4 Assist patients with special needs to clean their teeth 4.5 Assist patients or their carers to clean and maintain dentures  

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, you should be able to: 

  1. Assess the oral health needs of an older person
  2. Provide support for the maintenance of oral hygiene for older persons
  3. Implement practical solutions to promote oral health
  4. Maintain oral health of people in residential aged care

Details of Learning Activities

Students will be involved in the following learning activities to meet requirements for this competency:

  • Face to Face classes
  • Written classroom tasks
  • Demonstration and classroom discussion
  • Group discussions and case studies
  • Participation in group activities based on simulated workplace exercises
  • Clinical practice, peer evaluation/feedback session/completion of practical worksheets
  • Online learning via CANVAS
  • Self-managed research to support completion of assessments.
  • Students will be observed and assessed through their planned activities throughout the duration of the course

Teaching Schedule

Class Number

Class type





2 December 2019


1.5 hours

Introduction to the Unit

Assessment requirements

Background and overview of the Australian ageing population

Impact of ageing on oral health

Key messages for oral health

Resource kit

Oral Health Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities





 2 December 2019


1.5 hours


Guest : Sharon Richardson

Tips on working with staff towards oral health care for clients in residential care facilities


Challenges, barriers and behaviours when conducting an oral health check, risk assessment and providing OH advice.



13 January 2020


Self- directed

pre class task


Preparation for class activities


Watch the video:

  • Conducting the oral health check









20 January 2020



Guest: OneDental

Louise Montgomerie



Conducting oral health assessment for older people

Oral mucosal screening for oral cancer

Importance of daily checks


Review NHMRC : RDI for gender and age


Resources to view:

  • GC Silver Wave
  • BOHRC staff portfolio


Video for class discussion:

Dental Rescue – A guide for carers of the elderly (25 minutes)


Case study task issued for class discussion


Better oral health in residentials aged care task

Daily oral hygiene maintenance for older people

DUE: 10 February 2020























Practical class

Tuesday 21 January 2020

9am -4.30pm


Simulation activities




Student to student




Concurrent with student to student activities in SIM lab


Conducting an oral health assessment and care plan

check on the older person


Team approach to maintain a healthy mouth


Students will be conducting an oral health check on 3 other students and providing feedback with OH instruction


Provide advice responding to case studies ( X2)


Student will brush another person’s teeth



Link to My Aged Care website


Short answer tasks including:

  • My aged care website
  • Appropriate resources to conduct oral health education to the older patient
  • Case studies


Group discussion: Reflection on case studies




  1. Resource kit
  2. Log book issued and discussed for 3 workplace patients



Class workshop

Monday 27 April

9am -12.30pm


Case studies ( X2)


Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Other Resources

Students will be able to access course information and learning materials through CANVAS.

CANVAS is an online resource with the lesson plans for each unit. Within CANVAS are the session lessons plans, assessments, resources and other materials required for completion of each unit of competency.

Additional materials maybe provided in class and lists of relevant reference books, resources in the library and accessible Internet sites will be provided where possible. During the course, you will be directed to websites to enhance your knowledge and understanding of difficult concepts.

Overview of Assessment

There must be evidence that the candidate has completed the following tasks: 

provided complete and appropriate information to 3 different older people and/or their carers including:

  • information regarding the prevention of oral diseases 
  • advice and demonstration of oral hygiene techniques

selected and prepared special aids for oral hygiene to assist 3 patients with limited dexterity

implemented 3 prevention programs to suit individual patient’s oral health care needs.


To be deemed competent you must demonstrate an understanding of all aspects required of the competency.

Assessment methods have been designed to measure your achievement of each competency in a flexible manner over multiple tasks.


Assessment Tasks

Task 1: 

Develop a resource kit


Task 2:

Log book for 3 workplace patients

Assessment Matrix

The assessment tasks listed in this course guide address all the elements and criteria of the requirements of this course. 

Other Information

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