Course Title: Advocate for clients

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C5334 Diploma of Community Services (Financial counselling)

Course Title: Advocate for clients

Portfolio: DSC Portfolio Office

Nominal Hours: 20

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Course Contact: Mary-Josephine Wallwork

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Course Description


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to assist clients to identify their rights, voice their needs and concerns and realise their interests, rights and needs. 

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities


National Competency Codes and Titles

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CHCAD401D Advocate for clients


E1. Assist clients to identify their rights and represent their own needs

1.1 Assist client to identify their own needs and rights and to determine if their rights are being infringed or are not being met
1.2 Undertake an assessment with the client, and if necessary with significant others and colleagues to identify client's ability to advocate for self
1.3 Provide client with information about available options for meeting their needs and assist them to identify their preferred option, and to make contact and negotiate with relevant people and agencies where appropriate
1.4 Ensure information provided to clients about client rights and responsibilities is researched, relevant and timely

E2. Advocate on behalf of clients on request

2.1 Initiate, negotiate and implement relevant strategies for addressing client needs
2.2 On request from the client and in on-going consultation with the client, identify and contact the most appropriate individuals or organisations and represent the client's point of view clearly to optimise outcomes for the client
2.3 Ensure information is kept in confidence unless authorisation is given to release it
2.4 Discuss progress and outcomes with the client and take further action as necessary

E3. Advocate for clients

3.1 Where assessment indicates the client requires advocacy support:
• raise issues with the most appropriate person/ people in a way that upholds the rights and supports reasonable expectations of the client
• initiate and implement strategies for addressing client needs in consultation with appropriate personnel
• identify and redress potential conflict of interest

Learning Outcomes


On successful completion of this course you will have developed and applied the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate competency in the above elements. By applying these skills and this knowledge, you will be able to use assist clients to articulate their own needs and requirements and be able to develop problem-solving and action-planning skills. 

Overview of Assessment

Assessment for this unit will include assessment tasks to be completed within the workshop sessions and assessment tasks to be completed within a specified period following class delivery.  Assessment tasks will include written assignments, scenarios, and short answer questions.