Course Title: Reflect and improve upon counselling skills

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C5334 Diploma of Community Services (Financial counselling)

Course Title: Reflect and improve upon counselling skills

Portfolio: DSC Portfolio Office

Nominal Hours: 90

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Course Contact: Jo Wallwork

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Course Description

In this unit you will develop the knowledge and skills to evaluate your own work and to undertake continuing self-development and effective supervision within an ethical code of practice.

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities


National Competency Codes and Titles

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CHCCSL509A Reflect and improve upon counselling skills


E1. Reflect upon own counselling skills and practice

1.1 Undertake self-evaluation in conjunction with supervisors and/or peers
1.2 Give and receive open and evaluative feedback to and from co-workers
1.3 Actively seek feedback and accept it non defensively

E2. Ensure continuing self-support and supervision

2.1 Seek specialist supervision and advice / further training where the need is identified
2.2 Observe agency guidelines in relation to professional development
2.3 Appraise current industry developments and apply to improve practice
2.4 Regularly participate in a review mechanism as evidence of commitment to upgrading skills and knowledge
2.5 Evaluate current and likely future needs and take action to keep abreast of evolving trends
2.6 Devise, implement and regularly review a self development plan that sets realistic goals and targets
2.7 Develop and maintain awareness of own needs and areas of vulnerability in counselling work and use appropriate means of self-protection

E3. Operate within an agreed ethical code of practice/ethics

3.1 Assess own practice against identified objectives or code of ethics, using a range of valid evidence
3.2 Recognise and address the effect of values, beliefs and behaviour in work with clients
3.3 Establish realistic goals and targets for self development

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course you will have developed and applied the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate competency in the above elements. By applying these skills and this knowledge, you will be able to initiate your own personal development plan in order to be pro-active in your own professional development. This will include practices of reflection and a good understanding of supervisory practices

Overview of Assessment


Your knowledge and understanding of course content is assessed through:

  • Written project (Personal Development plan)