Course Title: Provide technical leadership in the workplace

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term2 2009

Course Code: BUSM5726C

Course Title: Provide technical leadership in the workplace

School: 130T Vocational Engineering

Campus: City Campus

Program: C6042 - Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering

Course Contact: Dr Elmas Aliu

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4360

Course Contact Email:

Name and Contact Details of All Other Relevant Staff

Dr Elmas Aliu

+61 3 9925 4360

Nominal Hours: 54

Regardless of the mode of delivery, represent a guide to the relative teaching time and student effort required to successfully achieve a particular competency/module. This may include not only scheduled classes or workplace visits but also the amount of effort required to undertake, evaluate and complete all assessment requirements, including any non-classroom activities.

Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

Eng Maths 1, 2 and 3

Course Description

This course is a combination of appications in probability, statistics and mathematical/linear programming.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

UTENES008A Provide technical leadership in the workplace


Demonstrate standards of performance

 Maintain personal competence

Organise personal work priorities

Performance Criteria:

Work demonstrated follows OH&S policies and procedures with the work is appropriately sequenced in accordance with requirements

Work demonstrated is coordinated effectively with others involved on the work site

Work demonstrated meets requirements

Unplanned events or conditions are responded to in accordance with established procedures

Learning Outcomes

Collect, analyse and organise information.
Communicate ideas and information ((testing & evaluation procedures)
Plan and organise activities (lab & simulation activities)
Work with others and in teams (lab & simulation activities)
Apply mathematical ideas and techniques (calculations)
Solve problems 

 Use technology

Details of Learning Activities

• Classroom tutorial activities to consolidate the theory and application of various types of probability and Statistical data into engineering problems

Teaching Schedule

Week number Topic DeliveredAssessment Task
Week 1

Introduction to of the competency

Induction of the Stochastic processes.

Week 2Introduction to Probability. Introduction to sets and subsets. Sample spaces. Events. Conditional Probability.  
Week 3Random variables. Expected value. The variance.
Probability Distribution. The distribution function. The density function. Discrete Random Variable. Continuous Random Variable.
Week 4Bernoulli distribution, Normal Distribution and Poisson Distribution with their applications. 
Week 5Binomial Distribution, Geometric Distribution and Uniform Distribution with their applications. Independent Random Variables. Assignment 1 handed out (worth 10% of total mark) due date end of week 9.
Week 6Independent Random Variables.
Probability plots in computer software.
Week 7The queuing method.
Computer Software implementation.
Simple linear regression and correlation.
Week 8Practice test and revision.Practice test and revision
Week 9Test 1 Test 1 (worth 40% of total mark)
Week 10Simple Optimization technique.
Lagrange multipliers
Week 11Graphical techniques. 
Week 12Linear Programming. Introduction.
The graphical method.
Week 13Simplex method.Assignment 2 (worth 10% of total mark) handed out. Due date last day of week 18.
Week 14Dual Simplex Method 
Week 15Duality 
Week 16Sensitivity analysis and post – optimal analysis. 
week 17&18

Revision. Practice test 2

Test 2 (Final Test)

Practice test

Assignment 2 Due date.
Test 2 (worth 40% of total mark)

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts

Intro to Statistics, PJ Smith Linnnear Programming, G Hardley


Probability and Statistics, M R Spiegel,

Croft A, Davidson R, Engineering Mathematics, third edition, Pearson Education Australia

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Overview of Assessment

Assingment 1 and 2

Test 1 and 2

Assessment Tasks

The assessment is conducted in both theoretical and practical aspects of the course according to the criteria set in the National Training Package.

Assessment Matrix

Assignment 1 (10%)

Assignment 2 (10%)

Test 1 (Mid Semester test 40%)

Test 2 (Final Test  40%)

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