Course Title: Develop and implement strategic plans

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C6124 Advanced Diploma of Justice

Course Title: Develop and implement strategic plans

Portfolio: DSC Portfolio Office

Nominal Hours: 80

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City Campus


365T Global, Urban and Social Studies


Term1 2014,
Term1 2015,
Term1 2016,
Term1 2017

Course Contact: Irene Pagliarella, Program Manager

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4581

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Course Description

In this course you will develop the skills and knowledge required to establish the strategic direction of the organisation, and to sustain competitive advantage and enhance competitiveness. You will analyse and interpret relevant markets, do a capability assessment of the organisation, and its existing and potential competitors and allies. You will cover implementation of the strategic plan.

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Successful completion of, or demonstrated equivalence to, the following units of competency:

VU20861 Apply criminal law within justice environments
VU20862 Work with family violence contexts within justice environments
VU20863 Work with culturally diverse clients within justice environments
VU20864 Work with conflict resolution and mediation processes within justice environments
VU20865 Apply management and leadership within justice environments

And ONE of the following electives:

LGACOM406A Investigate alleged breaches of legislation and prepare documentation
CHCAOD402B Work effectively in the alcohol and other drugs sector

National Competency Codes and Titles

National Element Code & Title:

BSBMGT616A Develop and implement strategic plans


  1. Confirm organisation vision and mission

1.1 Stakeholders are consulted in an open and realistic way to engender support for the process

1.2   Expectations and requirements of the board/owners are being met

1.3   The mission, vision and purpose are consistent with the organisation’s stated values, and are realistic but challenging

2. Analyse the internal and external environment

2.1   Objectives are consistent with the environmental trend analyses, and forecasts have been developed

2.2   Objectives state clearly and in measurable terms, what the organisation needs to achieve

2.3   Strategies are developed in the context of meeting chosen product differentiation and cost structure objectives

2.4   Value adding activities are introduced, consistent with the value chain analysis and the strategic direction

2.5   Strategies take account of competitive advantages and disadvantages identified

2.6 Opportunities for strategic alliances and co-operative ventures are incorporated into the strategies

2.7   Benchmarking of all key operational and support activities is undertaken

2.8   Opportunities for the purchase of value adding activities externally have been thoroughly evaluated.

3. Write strategic plan

3.1   Processes for the evaluation of strategic performance are supported by key stakeholders and approved by the board/owners

3.2 Key Performance Indicators and other criteria for measurement of achievement are developed in advance of implementation

3.3 Performance measures address all key aspects of organisational performance, to meet the interests of stakeholders

3.4   Performance data is analysed on a regular and planned basis, in terms of the indicators, performance standards and other criteria developed

3.5   Successes and performance gaps are clearly identified and analysed as to cause and effect

3.6 Strategic performance is reported to all stakeholders in a transparent manner and meeting all compliance requirements

3.7 Objectives and strategies are reviewed, evaluated and revised where necessary

3.8   The organisation’s mission, vision and purpose are reviewed and revised where necessary

4. Implement Strategic Plan

4.1   Communicate strategic plan to all relevant parties

4.2   Brief people with a specific role in relation to strategies

4.3   Use performance indicators to monitor progress in implementing plan

4.4   Make necessary refinements to plan

4.5   Evaluate achievements of objectives at agreed milestones

4.6 Review effectiveness of plan and consider methods for improving strategic planning processes.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, you will be able to:
• Complete a thorough analysis of the organisation’s own capabilities, those of their existing potential competitors and allies, and the external environment
• Strategically plan which includes objectives, strategies, time frames, performance indicators and methods for monitoring the implementation of the plan
• Provide evidence of knowledge of relevant legislation

Overview of Assessment

Assessments may incorporate a variety of methods including role plays, observations, lectures, tutorials, class discussion, reports, group/individual training workshops, and audio-visual presentations.



Assessment Type

Word limit or equivalent

Assessment (Formative)

Online formative knowledge tests x 3


Assessment One

Online course discussion board postings

250 x 3 = 750 words

Assessment Two

Strategic business plan and assessment centre

2500 words








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