Course Title: Interpret market trends and developments

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2018

Course Code: MKTG5834C

Course Title: Interpret market trends and developments

School: 650T Vocational Business Education

Campus: City Campus

Program: C6140 - Advanced Diploma of Business (Public Relations)

Course Contact: Julia Makin

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 5175

Course Contact Email:

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Nominal Hours: 50

Regardless of the mode of delivery, represent a guide to the relative teaching time and student effort required to successfully achieve a particular competency/module. This may include not only scheduled classes or workplace visits but also the amount of effort required to undertake, evaluate and complete all assessment requirements, including any non-classroom activities.

Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

This course covers the skills and knowledge required to conduct an analysis of market data in order to determine organisational and competitor business performance and to prepare market and business forecasts. The information assists in developing an organisation’s marketing plan and to determine the current or potential future success of marketing strategies.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

BSBMKG507A Interpret market trends and developments


1. Interpret trends and market developments

Performance Criteria:

1.1. Use statistical analysis  of market data  to interpret market trends and developments 

1.2. Analyse market trends and developments for their potential impact on the business

1.3. Use measures of central tendency or dispersion and correlations  between sets of data  for quantitative interpretation of comparative market data

1.4. Perform qualitative analysis of comparative market information  as a basis for reviewing business performance

1.5. Analyse the market performance of existing and potential competitors  and their products or services, to identify potential opportunities  or threats 


2. Analyse qualitative results

Performance Criteria:

2.1. Analyse performance data from all areas of the business to determine success of marketing activities

2.2. Identify over-performing and under-performing products and services to be considered for redevelopment or withdrawal

2.3. Forecast existing and emerging market needs based on information available using forecasting techniques 


3. Report on market data

Performance Criteria:

3.1. Prepare, plot and interpret data for visual presentation

3.2. Assess visual presentation for potential problems, and take any necessary corrective action

3.3. Report on analysis of market data to meet organisational requirements in terms of content, format, level of detail and scheduling

Learning Outcomes

Details of Learning Activities

A range of learning activities are planned for this course including self-paced and collaborative classroom based activities, and guest speaker presentations from industry specialists.

The self-paced activities will be delivered thought various technology platforms and include your contribution to online research activities, quizzes and interactive sessions.

The collaborative classroom based activities will include group discussion, group problem solving activities and opportunities to practice your skills in a simulated/real workplace environment.

We expect you to participate and contribute in all scheduled learning activities.

Teaching Schedule

Week 1 - Introduction to research and the impact 
Week 2 - Public relations and research 
Week 3 - Research terms and definitions
Week 4 - Assessment Task 1 (Quiz)
Week 5 - Research tutorial
Week 6 - Guest speaker
Week 7 - Guest speaker
Week 8 - Guest speaker
Week 9 - Assessment 2 preparation - Assessment 2 due via Canvas 11:59PM Sunday 15th April 
Week 10 - Planning your communications strategy
Week 11 - Conducting Primary Research
Week 12 - Assessment 3 preparation
Week 13 - Assessment 3 preparation
Week 14 - Assessment Task 3: Student presentations 
Week 15 - Assessment Task 3: Student presentations 
Week 16 - Re-submissions as required
Week 17 - Final week – no classes

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Other Resources

Overview of Assessment

Assessment may incorporate a variety of methods including technical requirements documentation, homework, assignments, group and/or individual projects, in class exercises, written and practical assessments, problem solving exercises, presentations, direct observation of actual and simulated work practice, presentation of a portfolio of evidence which may comprise documents, and/or photographs and/or video and audio files, review of products produced through work-based or course activities.

Students are advised that they are likely to be asked to personally demonstrate their assessment work to their teacher to ensure that the relevant competency standards are being met. Students will be provided with feedback throughout the course to check their progress.

Assessment Tasks

This course is co-delivered and co-assessed with MATH5332C Understanding Research and Analysis

You are required to complete 3 assessment tasks.

You must achieve competency in all 3 tasks to be deemed competent in this course. Each assessment contributes equal weighting towards your final grade


Assessment Task 1: Quiz (To be completed during class Week 4)

This is an individual assessment task, worth a third of the total mark. 

  • This test will be conducted in class
  • Students will have one attempt to provide the correct answer
  • This assessment task is a ‘closed book’ test
  • This assessment task is assessed individually
  • The student must correctly answer at least 10 of 20 questions to pass. Failure to achieve this mark will require a re-sit in Week 16, with a maximum grade of CAG allocated


Assessment Task 2 - Group Research Report (due 11:59PM Sunday 15th April - end of Week 9)

Details of Assessment:

The research report is to be 2,500 words, and the format is for use in a business context.

This is an group assessment task worth a third of the total mark.

This task requires your group to select a contemporary ‘issue’, business, product or service as the basis for your research, conduct secondary research to identify key market drivers / insights / key findings, and prepare a comprehensive report that aims to assist the business in developing a strategic communications plan.



Your group is required to clearly define both the ‘issue’ / business objectives, the research objectives, undertake primary and secondary research, analyse the data for content, structure and logic, and prepare a comprehensive research report that includes predictions, assumptions and constraints, and recommendations for future communications strategy. (These ‘key findings’ ad recommendations will form the basis of Assessment Task 3).

The report must describe the analytical techniques and processes utilised, consistent with defined business objectives and research objectives.


Assessment Task 3 - Communications Strategy Presentation (Slides to be submitted 11:59PM Sunday 13th May - end of Week 13)                   

Details of Assessment:

  • This is a group assignment
  • This Assessment Task is worth a third of the total grade
  • Presentations to be delivered in-class Week 14/15



Your group is required to develop a strategic Communications Strategy Plan based on the key findings and recommendations from Assessment Task 2, test the Plan using primary research, and produce a 15 minute presentation discussing your suggested changes to the Plan.

Students are required to submit their presentation slides online by 11:59PM Sunday 13th May, before delivering their presentation during class in Week 14 or 15.

Assessment Matrix

Full details on how this course is assessed against the Unit Elements and performance criteria plus critical aspects of evidence can be found in the learning and Assessment Tool available on Canvas

Course Overview: Access Course Overview