BH049 - Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) (Honours)

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RMIT program code: BH049
Plan name: Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) (Honours)
Plan code: BH049
Campus: City Campus
Credit points per semester:
Full time: 48
Part time: 24
CRICOS code: 049567A

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2019 Enrolment Program Structure

For students who commence their study in this program from 1 January 2016 onwards, your mark in all courses in which you enrol in this program will be included in the weighted average mark that will determine the honours level of your award once you have completed the program.

  Year One

For more information about the weighted average mark, please click here

To graduate you must complete the following:


The program has two main components:

1. Three courses giving students respectively discipline-specific (Critical Readings in Global Studies),  and research (Research Strategies and Engaged in Research) grounding.

2. The honours thesis over both semesters working with individual supervision.

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Year One

Full time students will usually enrol in 48 credit points each semester.

For students commencing in semester 1:

First semester:

  • Critical Readings in Global Studies (12)
  • Research strategies (12)
  • Honours Thesis A (24)

Second semester:

  • Engaged in Research (12)
  • Honours Thesis B (36)


For students commencing in semester 2:

First semester:

  • Research Strategies (12)
  • Engaged in Research (12)
  • Honours Thesis A (24)

Second Semester:

  • Critical Readings in Global Studies (12)
  • Honours Thesis B (36)

Complete the following Five (5) Courses:

Course Title

Credit Points

Prereqs/ Coreqs

Course Code


Semester 1 Class

Semester 2 Class

Engaged in Research12YesHUSO2313City Campus2594 (FF)
Research Strategies (Honours)12YesHUSO1222City Campus2634 (FF)2589 (FF)
Critical Readings in Global Studies12YesHUSO2376City Campus2205 (FF)
Honours Thesis Part A24YesHUSO2374City Campus2642 (FF)2596 (FF)
Honours Thesis Part B36YesHUSO2375City Campus2643 (FF)2597 (FF)

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Contact details and related links

Program structure enquiries

Program Manager:

Dr Peter Phipps
Tel: + 61 3 9925 2039

Building 37, Level 5, Room 20


Administrative Enquiries:

RMIT Connect Student Portal -
School of Global, Urban and Social Studies 
Building 37, Level 3, Room 11 
411 Swanston Street Melbourne, 3000 



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